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Aisino Corporation’s Debut in China-Chile Innovation and Investment Forum

  On April 25, 2019, the China-Chile Innovation and Investment Forum, co-hosted by the Chilean Embassy in China, the Chilean Export Promotion Bureau, the Chilean Foreign Investment Agency, and the China Council for International Investment Promotion, opened in Beijing. Representatives of government officials, entrepreneurs, and financial investment institutions from both sides attended the meeting. On behalf of Aisino Corporation, Ma Zhenzhou, a member of the party committee and vice general manager of Aisino Corporation, attended the conference and served as the guest of the forum’s panel discussion, in which he discussed future developments with Chilean entrepreneurs.

Ma Zhenzhou Participated in the Panel Discussion

  Focusing on e-commerce, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, smart cities, and other related innovation fields, the forum provided a platform for China and Chile to fully engage in dialogues and communications.

  As the guest of the panel discussion on the “Development of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing in Chile and China”, Ma Zhenzhou discussed development, future trends, cutting-edge applications and possible risk prevention functions of artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies with the CEO of Chile TOC, the CEO of Chile Cognitiva, and the head of Huawei’s cloud marketing department.

Dialogues between Guests at the Forum

  Ma Zhenzhou said that in the new era of data-oriented technology, Aisino Corporation is committed to integrating artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology with industry development, thereby also serving a government transformation and boosting the development of enterprises. He also described Aisino Corporation’s industrial applications in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. After the meeting, Mr. Navarro, the CEO of Chile TOC, visited Aisino Corportion to discuss the cooperation prospects in the field of overseas artificial intelligence identity verification with aerospace information.

  Through this forum, Aisino Corporation fully demonstrated the development direction for the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud computing technology, and industrial applications. It highlighted the good image of state-owned high-tech innovative enterprises, bringing more opportunities for follow-up cooperation with Chile and other key countries, and the expansion of the South American market.

China-Chile Innovation and Investment Forum

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