Publich Safety Solutions

  Aisino Anti-Terrorist & Stability Maintenance Vehicle Electronic Monitoring

  I. Whether you are in the following vehicle monitoring (operating mode) mode?

  Vehicle video capture, traffic TV monitoring, traffic flow detection, traffic information collection, vehicle security monitoring, road-side parking automated toll management, parking lot management, GPS vehicle monitoring, etc.

  II. Whether you are faced with following problems?

  Precise positioning and identification of vehicles can not be achieved;

  Vehicle identification can not be achieved;

  Vehicle’s fake plate can not be identified;

  Blacklisted vehicle can not be identified;

  Vehicles can not be accurately identified in bad weather;

  The resource range of vehicle information is incomplete;

  Parking spaces in parking lot can not be intelligently managed.

  Timeliness of vehicle information is poor, information resource sharing range if small, intelligence of information system is of low degree, and the level of precise management is low.

  Among the business needs of other industries, existing industries and units lack effective vehicle management and service means.

  For example, insurance industry can not effectively prevent insurance fraud, car rental industry can not have a whole-process monitoring to vehicle violations, and enterprises and institutions lack effective management to the private use of official vehicles.

  Are real-time vehicle dynamics monitoring and vehicle movement situation analysis needed?

(l) Aisino Anti-Terrorist & Stability Maintenance Vehicle Electronic Monitoring

  By an integrated use of RFID RF, intelligent video, cloud computing, big data, massive terminal management and other internationally and domestically leading technical means, anti-terrorist & stability maintenance vehicle electronic monitoring system extracts and effectively utilizes the attribute information and static and dynamic information of vehicles and achieves automatic and real-time identification, positioning, tracking and monitoring of r people, vehicles and objects and triggers corresponding events so as to conduct effective monitoring to vehicle running state and provide integrated services and open up a vast key vehicle crime prevention and control spaces. It will significantly enhance the accuracy and timeliness of vehicle involved illegal acts and better maintain social and political stability and security

     System Provides the Following Functions

     1) Anti-terrorist & stability maintenance vehicle check function:.

     2) Traffic management function;

     3) Social management and services;

     4) Decision analysis.

     Technical characteristics:

     1. Unique Accurate and Fast RFID Identification Technology

     Overall perception, intelligent identification and precise positioning.

     2. Unique "Dual Electronic Eyes" Identification Technology

     With "dual electronic eyes" for image and RFID RF identification, the system can accurately capture the information of vehicle and vehicle owners to automatically identify various problem vehicles.

     3. Unique Weather Monitoring Technology

     Featuring multi-sensor information fusion techn problems in bad weather conditions and achieve all-weather inspection.

     4. Unique Comprehensive Check Means

     Handheld, vehicle-borne and fixed check means are combined to extend the regulatory tentacles to all the roads and parking areas, achieving comprehensive inspections and tracking.

     5. Unique Anti-Removal Technology

     On the electronic plate is removed, it will be broken to avoid random removal and theft of other electronic plates and effectively implement "one plate for one vehicle".

     6. Unique Information Security Technology

     Globally unique ID number that can not be modified and highly secure electronic tag system achieve the highest level of anti-deceptive response.

     7. Unique Portrait Identification and Matching Technology

     Driver's facial capture identification system and portraits matching system can quickly locate the suspect and greatly improves the case-handling efficiency of the public security organs.

  III. Areas of Application

  Public security traffic management;

  Traffic emergency command;

  Taxi operations management;

  Traffic organization plan;

  Transit city – bus first;

  Insurance services management, tax management and environmental check;

  Vehicle and driving involved information resources, important strategic information resources of the state;

  Traffic guidance, traffic information services and other social and public services.

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