Is your country under the following population management mode?

The basic information of national population generally includes regular or relatively static identity information such as address, age, image etc, which is made into the resident’s ID card or passport. In the specific application process, we always find that the information has been changed or inconsistent with the actual conditions, viz. we cannot realize the consistency between the resident and the card. Or even your country has not established a national-level population management information system yet.

Do you face the same problem?

(1)Basic population information such as the national population size, age, distribution, birth rate, death rate cannot be known well.

(2)Unable to understand the cross-border and cross-region population immigration, which will bring risks into the district security and national security.

Aisino national-level population, biometric eID, biometric ePassport solutions

(1)System topological graph

Workflow diagram:

(2)Main functions

Fingerprint information acquisition front end system

The fingerprint information acquisition front end system is connected to the fingerprint collector and controls it to complete the information acquisition of resident ID card fingerprint information. Furthermore the fingerprint information is uploaded to the population information management system or the fingerprint information management system.

National/provincial level fingerprint information management system

National/provincial level fingerprint information management system receives the card-producing information sent by the original population information management system and the fingerprint information sent by the fingerprint information acquisition front end system. According to new standards and regulations, the information is combined into the card-producing information package in which it contains the finger information. The provincial level fingerprint information management system and card-producing system will finish the packaging and scheduling, card producing, feeding back as well as final certification sorting and verification.

Advanced technologies

The finger front end system employs the B/S module, offline client (exe) module, embedded module (ocx) etc. to realize the centralized storage of fingerprint acquisition information more conveniently and more wildly.

By adopting the oracle 10g (or more) database to store and support mass data.

By adopting the clustered deployed middleware such as websphere 6.1, weblogic 10 etc. can satisfy the high concurrent utilization and application extension.

By using the WindowsXP, Win7/32bits operation systems and IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9 web browsers can make it easy to operate and manage.

Successful cases

Fingerprint information registry construction solution for China resident identity card system

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